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15 ways (and counting) to use GroundSource

Just because newsrooms go to GroundSource to help them engage their most valued communities doesn’t mean we know everything about engagement. In fact, it’s often our customers and peers leading us – not the other way around.

This list of 15 ways to use GroundSource (and counting) is made up of project templates we’ve seen pioneered by our customers and partners.

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Here’s your first GroundSource-powered project

Anything worth doing is worth doing poorly. That doesn’t mean you have to fail at what you’re doing, but that you don’t necessarily need to land a moonshot. Because what is between those two extremes is vital to your long-term success: learning.

You can’t learn something unless you try it. And it requires courage to try something new. And that’s what we want to ask you to do today: be courageous; try something new.

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Getting kraken with GroundSource: How time-crunched news outlets reached their communities through texting

Many newsrooms talk about engagement, about connecting with communities they aren’t reaching, or deepening existing connections. Too often though they get stuck, and time is typically the named culprit (although time is just another way of saying priorities). They know what they’re doing isn’t reaching everyone, or forging deeper connections, but we just don’t have time to do more.

Two very different news outlets tackled the time problem head-on, each creating an engagement experiment limited to a single week.

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