Loyalty consulting

The number one imperative for media organizations is to develop deeper, direct relationships with audiences and communities.

That’s why GroundSource is focused on helping newsrooms link super-engagement of key audience segments to increasing audience revenue and organizational sustainability.

We’ve learned from our customers that texting is a powerful and effective way to cultivate and sustain two-way conversations. “Textletters” our customers have built boast high retention rates (90+ percent) and activate audiences (to respond, to show up at events, and convert to email and other channels) at rates exceeding 20 and 30 percent.  

We have deep experience partnering with newsrooms to develop engaged practices and products. Here’s how we can help you.


Develop a holistic audience approach linking engagement with sustainability

  • Identify and understand current audience touch points (email newsletters, social media, etc.) and development goals (cultivate super-fans, meet a community need, etc.)

  • Develop or review audience personas to understand who supports your work and why

  • Identify audience revenue goals and opportunities

  • Distill applicable and actionable best practices from our own experience and industry leaders like Better News, News Revenue Hub, or Membership Puzzle Project


Build custom messaging, text, and chat products

  • Identify opportunities with selected beats or brands to develop conversational products for key segments of donors, fan, or other valued audiences

  • Develop a "textletter" that super-engages this segment with conversationally delivered news & updates + access to the editorial team (ability to ask q's, share stories, etc.)

  • Design engagement sequences and conversations suites that invite new participants into an extended conversation with your organization, ending in a call to support your work

  • Set goals for revenue generated from conversions and test calls to action for giving to see what "wins"

  • Integrate into your audience or donor CRM via the GroundSource API


Launch, monitor, and measure projects and products

  • Launch and maintain messaging, text, or chat products

  • Coordinate and conduct promotion across channels

  • Measure conversions and performance including integration with audience dashboards via the GroundSource API  


Loyal communities support sustainable businesses.