Turn your most valued audiences into superfans

GroundSource offers the easiest path to super-engaging your audiences and communities, using the power of text messaging, web chat, and other technology + a proven process for putting it all to work for your organization.


Engaged communities are worth 3x more. Here’s a platform and a process to help you engage yours.(Source: Rosetta)

A platform built for listening at scale

  • Activate audiences with creative texting call-outs

  • Automate two-way, branching conversations

  • Monitor and listen via a feed and exportable data

  • Segment and build lists

  • Deliver personalized information with data integrations

  • Re-engage one-on-one, one-to-many


“It is part of how we co-author our production process. We’re not just sending out something for you to read, we want you to respond to it.”

- 1A Executive Producer Rupert Allman


A service helping you develop cycles of engagement

  • Build more useful and responsive services

  • Use more effective engagement strategies and tactics

  • Increase intra-organizational collaboration

  • Mission-align your work

  • Identify new audience opportunities

  • Cultivate an innovative culture


“Readers love hearing directly from our environment reporter about what she's working on. It's been a great way to keep them loyal and cultivate brand ambassadors.”

- Seattle Times Engagement Editor Gina Cole


A mission-driven organization

  • Spreading the value of listening

  • Increasing the lifetime value of your relationships, inside and outside your organization

  • Guided by decades of media experience

  • Driven by a commitment to inclusion and authentic engagement


“It is an incredibly powerful tool for building rapport with our audience outside of our broadcast in a way that feels personal instead of the brand-driven distractions of public “likes” or “retweets”. We were amazed at the endurance of the relationships we cultivated with our GroundSource audiences – they remained curious, inquisitive, and responsive for not just days or weeks, but for months.”

- Science Friday Education Director Ariel Zych


We serve community-anchored organizations to help them transform their customer, member, and audience experiences.