Directly engage your community.

Your community is talking. By embracing the simplicity and ubiquity of mobile messaging, GroundSource makes direct, two-way engagement simple and scalable. Transform one-way communications into rich conversations, building a loyal and trusting community in the process.

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Everyone has a story.

Your job is to serve your community. But how do you know what your community needs? What they’re thinking about? How they feel? GroundSource helps you listen to the stories of your community by having a conversation with them. Get to know the people you serve, gather critical context and data, and build loyal and trusting stakeholders in the process.

Text, pictures & video

Gather rich descriptions of your community’s experience and perspective through multi-media messaging.

Voice interaction

If your community’s more likely to pick up the phone, they can call your GroundSource number and hear custom recorded messages.

Robust public feed

Close the feedback loop and spark engagement and social sharing by publishing to an embeddable public feed.

Embeddable web forms

Convert your followers into directly engaged sources through custom, brandable web forms.

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How we can learn from what works online and on mobile to create journalism that’s deeply engaging and responsive to our communities’ needs.

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