Mobile engagement made easy.

Quickly build & target simple surveys and news bulletins via SMS and voice.

True engagement is hard. We’re making it easier, with simple tools to share information and ask questions over SMS and voice. Gather first-hand experience and create lasting connections with hard-to-reach people (even in remote corners of the globe) and make your work more human-centered and empathetic.

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Start by asking simple questions, and use the answers to target follow-up and build groups with shared demographics or experience. The system will automatically help you build their profiles, which you can sync with your own CRM or contact database.


Segment by demographics, experience or geography. Use our maps and filters to zoom in on the group of people you’d like to talk to. Target your questions or news bulletins, and ask for deeper stories and insights. Send out news bulletins with highly targeted news updates.


See patterns using maps and charts, and follow up with people who you’d like to go deeper with. Call them, meet them in person, and gather the context you need to get deep insights.


You need to find out what’s really happening on the ground, but it’s too hard to talk to people who aren’t on social media, don’t have reliable access to the internet, or both. Groundsource makes it easy to build a base of sources to communicate with via mobile. Create persistent, long-term relationships with sources to ground your journalism and reach new audiences.


Your need to quickly connect with hard-to-reach people who match strict criteria, without paying big bucks (and handing over control) to third-party recruiters. Groundsource puts the tools for recruiting and communicating via mobile into your hands, and enables you to assess the needs of even hard-to-reach people.


You’re already engaging hundreds, maybe even thousands of citizens through public meetings, email and social networks. But you lack a simple way to gather constituents cell phone numbers, ask them questions via SMS or phone, send relevant and important news to them, and build persistent engagement that deepens over time.


More than five billion people own a simple mobile phone capable of texting or making phone calls. The ubiquity of mobile phones presents unprecedented opportunities for understanding people and designing to meet their needs. If you’re looking to put empathy and on-the-ground context at the heart of your day-to-day designs and decisions, Groundsource is for you.

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