Media Pain Points Survey

Globally, news & media are shifting from advertising-based business models to ones reliant on memberships and subscriptions. Scale and reach are ⬇️, loyalty and engagement are ⬆️.

These changes create new challenges and new pain points for publishers and broadcasters. They need think about “funnels,” segmentation and developing two-way relationships with readers, viewers and listeners vs. just publishing or broadcasting to mass, undifferentiated audiences.

We’re obsessed about helping make this transition more manageable and less painful. To do that, we need to understand the pain points and obstacles to embracing relationship-driven, loyalty-based practices.

We’d like you to take <10 minutes to answer a short survey. The results will help us:

1. Make sure that the tools we build help solve key pain points.

2. Publish and present research of how media orgs are making the transition to loyalty and trust-driven business models.

3. Inform and connect with other efforts such to bolster media organizations transition to new business models.

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