Give GroundSource feedback on the pre-alpha version of our latest feature: web chat

We build products that help you listen at scale to build community. Tell us how you’d use one of our latest developments.

Photo by  Jon Tyson

Photo by Jon Tyson


Telling your story builds trust with your community. Being transparent about what you’re working on, why, and what you need is a great way to show your work and invite community participation that can improve your products.

At GroundSource, we’ve been hard at work for months developing the next version of our platform and we’ll be sharing more about that soon. (Sign up here to follow the release.) In the mean time, we’ve also been thinking about how we scale the quality of SMS engagement despite the limitations of SMS technology. Here’s what we’re thinking.

The GroundSource approach is about meeting your community where they’re at in relationships that are independent of the rent-seeking intermediaries that oversee social and search. Our technology is infrastructure to help you make the most of those relationships. For SMS, the new version of GroundSource will simulate the ease of chatting with your coworkers throughout the day and include an expanding list of features that will help you build deeper relationships. But there is also another place where the terms of your relationships are your own: your website.

Enter: web chat. (Jump into the chat by saying “hello.”)

Here, you’ll find the pre-alpha version of our web chat. Pre-alpha versions of product’s are “not feature-complete and not usually released to the public.” But we don’t release things to the public. We build with our customers, not for them.

So that’s why we’re sharing this newborn product with you. We’re building it because we want it to serve as the top of your engagement funnel. It should create opportunities to activate and engage people interacting with your digital content to convert them to SMS and other channels in a way that makes independent community building easier.

So just jump into the chat, don’t mind the simplistic commands, and let us know how this could work for you.