How It Works

GroundSource is a platform tailored specifically to listening to your communities, at scale. Here's how it works.

Make Contact

When you first sign up with GroundSource, you'll get a unique phone number that sources will use to contact you. If you already have a list of sources, we make it easy to import them into the system. Otherwise, simply share your number and invite your community to get in touch, just as they would when calling or messaging a friend.

Collect Stories

GroundSource seamlessly accommodates your need for gathering specific information while still giving you an open channel of communication with your community. If you're gathering insight and perspective for a story, ask probing questions and involve your community in the process. Or, keep your ear to the ground by encouraging people to send a quick message whenever something's on their mind.

We know that one of the most powerful things a person can give is their story. We make it easy to send replies and follow-ups to those stories, ensuring that your audience stays engaged by feeling heard.

Build Engagement

As your community interacts with you, GroundSource automatically builds detailed profiles for each of your sources by occasionally asking them demographic questions. Furthermore, we tag and organize your audience as they interact with specific questions and topics, allowing for easy follow-ups and advanced segmentation.

GroundSource also lets you play received messages back to your community with a public-facing feed page. Once your feed is live, your audience can interact with both you and one another through comments, replies, favoriting and sharing. Encourage them to invite friends to the conversation and make the community their own.

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